Robot Fuel Coffee


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FUEL UP. Start your day right with Robot Fuel. Great tasting coffee, hand bagged by one of your favorite Toasters. When the order comes in, our robots will fill your bag with the coffee and grind of your choice, then finish with a stamp and a label sticker. All bags of Robot Fuel are handmade with love and no two bags will be the same. The bag also has a zipper to ensure your Fuel is always Fresh.

RT has partnered with Sally Sue's Coffee Roasters in Magnolia, Illinois. A little more about where our coffee comes from:

We are proud of our roastery and the great organic coffee we produce. We ensure all of our coffee is organic thus leaving our product free of pesticides. We also ensure that we only use fair trade or direct trade coffee beans as everyone needs to be and deserves to be paid for what they do. Lastly, we sample all our products from each batch to ensure are products are great tasting and properly roasted and meet our expectations.